15 Romantic Gestures for Him to Feel Your Love

Are you running out of sweet ideas to show your man how much you love him? Fear not! I have fifteen romantic gestures just for him that he is sure to adore.

Whenever we think of romance, most of us put the male in the role of the giver of romantic gestures and the woman in the role of the receiver. In fact, many women think that men are offended by kind, romantic displays of affection and they don’t even try to bestow that kind of gesture upon their man.

Most of us think our men don’t have a romantic bone in their bodies.

In truth, however, men can be quite sensitive to romantic displays. There are some guys who genuinely do not enjoy nor appreciate being shown romantic affection, but there are others who love to be romanced once in a while. Even the toughest of men often appreciate feeling loved and adored.

It isn’t always easy to come up with ideas though, is it, ladies? What exactly does romance mean to men? How sappy can we get and still pull it off?

Here are fifteen guaranteed romantic gestures for him that will not only show him how much you care, but will also NOT make him cringe in embarrassment.

1. Put a card on his windshield

Hallmark makes cards for every occasion, including a “just because” occasion. Find yourself a card that expresses your feelings and leave it for him to find on his windshield before he goes to work. It will put a smile on his face before he has to go and brave a tough day at the office. If he doesn’t drive, slip a sweet card into his briefcase or coat pocket for him to find later. He’ll love it.

2. Have lunch delivered to him at work

Does your guy get so busy he sometimes forgets to eat? This is actually pretty common. Guys of every age will get so wrapped up in what they’re doing that they ignore their hunger pangs and keep on trucking along with their job. Do your man a romantic favor and have a local pizza or sandwich place deliver to his job.

3. Make a candlelight dinner

I can’t stress this enough, the way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach. If you want to show off your romantic skills while simultaneously showing off your cooking skills, all you have to do is turn off the lights, put on some soft jazz, and serve him a romantic candlelight dinner. There are very few things more romantic than that.

4. Read to him

Men love those soft, special quality moments just as much as we do. It seems like those moments come fewer and farther between in today’s busy world. Take a couple of hours, turn off the television, have your guy lay his head in your lap, and read a good book to him. He’ll love the soothing sound of your voice, and you’ll both love the intimacy of the gesture.

5. Cuddle him in bed

I’ve noticed that most couples sleep in the same way in bed…him holding her. I think it’s a fairly natural position, after all, the men are instinctively the protectors and the women instinctively want to be protected when they’re in a relationship.

Sometimes, though, your man needs you to be the strong one. Do him a romantic favor and cuddle him in bed tonight. Press your chest against his back and wrap your arm around him as he sleeps. It’s comforting and soft and he’ll adore sleeping soundly in your arms.

6. Leave a trail of rose petals

Who says roses are only for girls? One of the best romantic gestures you can make is to leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the bedroom and be waiting there for him as he comes home from a long day at work. How long has it been since you’ve really made love? Even more important, how long has it been since you’ve made love in the middle of the day?

7. Wrap him a gift for no reason

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t like presents, but most people only get presents on their birthday or holidays. Why not surprise him with a random present at some random time in the middle of the week, for no reason at all? Wrap the box and everything and when he asks, say it’s “just because I love you”. If he collects comics, get him the latest issue, if he collects trains, take a quick trip to the hobby shop. You know what he likes.

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8. Do something he’s always wanted to try

Often we get into romantic ruts where we do the same thing every weekend and rarely stray from our own comfort zone. Does your man have something in particular he’s always wanted to try? Maybe he’s always wanted to try water skiing, or maybe he’s never played laser tag. Surprise him with a night out doing something fun for him!

9. Mail him a love note

I think mailing letters is becoming a dying art. Most people send quick texts, or even quick emails. Do the romantic thing this time and write him an actual love letter. Make it as honest and passionate as you’d like. Write it on pretty paper and give it a quick spray of perfume, then take it to the post office to be delivered straight to the mailbox.

10. Pack his lunch

Again, it’s really difficult to go wrong with food! Have you ever heard of bento boxes? These are cute little traditional Japanese lunches that have the food cut out in shapes and made to look as adorable and creative as possible. If you have that kind of time and talent, then I say make your man a bento box!

If you’re like me, and you don’t have that kind of food talent, pack his lunch in a sack and kiss him on the cheek as he heads off to start his day. The whole idea of you taking the time to make him lunch is fairly romantic and he’ll really appreciate this gesture!

11. Preheat his car

Some guys are less romantic than others. Some men really don’t understand when you’re showing them affection in soft ways. For these tough guys you have to try a different approach. This is also the easiest of all romantic gestures. All you have to do is preheat the car for him one cold winter morning.

Most guys do all the preheating, and it’s such a pain to get all decked out in your coat and boots, turn the car on, then come back in and take your coat and boots off just to wait another ten minutes. Save your guy the energy and warm up the car for him this time.

12. Take him on a picnic

Pack a picnic basket (or bag) with his favorite foods and take him on a romantic picnic. Believe it or not, I even went on a picnic with a guy in the rain, we just ate our food under the gazebo at the park. It was actually very romantic.

13. Blindfold and surprise him

Want to take your guy to a nice dinner, but don’t want him to find out where? Do you want to take him on a special date but don’t want him to guess as you’re driving? One very romantic gesture you can give your man is to blindfold him as you drive him to your intended destination. You can even play twenty questions to see if he can guess where you’re taking him.

14. Wear his favorite outfit

Often, when we get comfortable in a relationship, we just sort of stop trying too hard. We get comfortable in our sweatpants and oversized t-shirts, we stop taking the time to do our hair and make-up, and we rarely shave our legs anymore. Your man has seen it all from you, all of the bad included. How long has it been since he’s seen the good?

Every man has a favorite outfit they like to see on their lady, so get yourself all cleaned up, put your make-up on, do your hair, and wear his favorite outfit to please him! Even if you’re just wearing it around the house so he can see you in it, he will really love it!

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15. Spray a scarf or handkerchief with your signature scent

If you want to leave him with a little romantic reminder of a wonderful evening together, spray a short pretty scarf or a clean cloth handkerchief with your signature scent and leave it in his car for him to find. When he smells your scent he will think of you and your special night together.

See? It isn’t difficult at all to be romantic and show your love to your man. So tell us, what will you be doing for him tonight?

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