7 Totally Special Birthday Cakes and Other Sweets for Kids

Do you have a child that has an upcoming birthday? If this is the case, you’re probably on the lookout for ways to spice up a boring vanilla cake or for new and interesting ways to celebrate a birthday. Some of the ideas you see online may be novel, but they may be difficult to implement in your own home kitchen. Sometimes the style you want is just out of reach when shopping at internet bakeries. Therefore, it is prudent to look for affordable and manageable alternatives. We did the research and brought you here so you don’t have to.

1.Colourful Sixlet Cake:

A colourful candy with tantalising flavours, Sixlet is a must-try. You may buy them individually wrapped in confectionery stores or online. Get some sixlets, make a cake, and use them to decorate it. The question is, how to get there?

After baking, top the cake with chocolate icing because it’s a kid-pleaser. If you’re not a good chef, order cake online from the best store online.

Sprinkle sixlets in any design you like over the icing. The sixlets may be kept in place thanks to the icing, which has a sticky texture due to its creamy consistency.

2. Fondue Cupcake:

Tiny cakes filled with sugary joy — that’s what cupcakes taste like. Even though it’s miniature, it’s just as filling as a large cake. Cupcakes with icing are a typical treat. Swirled flavoured icing cupcakes with sprinkles or fruit toppings. Fondue cupcakes, on the other hand, will be more of a draw for the youngsters. Not really challenging; simply a new spin on old frosting.

Make some tasty cupcakes.

Create a fondue with an icing that runs.

Dress it up with a sprinkle of confetti.

3. Painter Cake:

In your favour is the fact that the name seems interesting. Little Piccasso’s birthday is approaching up, and a painter’s cake would be ideal. Check out the detailed instructions to learn how to implement this concept; you won’t believe how simple it is!

Make a cake in your preferred flavour and cover it with layers of flavoured frosting.

You can decorate the top layer with a drawing made of buttercream or edible colours.

Make sure the cake is sliced into exact squares, each of which can enjoy the edible decorations.

4. Cool Cupcake Cones:

When your birthday falls during the summer, you deserve ice cream. But the emphasis is on providing with a unique twist. I say we make cupcake cones. This is awesome, right? A cupcake cone will provide the perfect balance of sweetness and coolness for the kids.

Put together some cupcakes in the oven.

Assemble ice cream cones and place them over cupcakes.

Frost the cupcakes with icing made from ice cream.

You can use whatever you have on hand, or whatever you like, to decorate the cupcakes.

5. Dig-In Jar Cake:

It’s not always easy for parents to instil good behaviour in their children. Teaching children should be fun and engaging if we want them to take in what they’re being taught and remember it afterwards. Dig-in jar cakes are a tasty way to teach your youngster about the outdoors. So, essentially, they’re mud pots with plants in them.

Layer cake crumbs and buttercream frosting in a cup shaped like a planter. The end result should look like garden mud.

Leaves and flowers that can be eaten should be used for decoration, such as mint.

Throw in some worm bear candy for good measure.

To serve, use spoons that resemble spades.

6. Cake Lollipops:

A cake’s versatility is its greatest asset, as it may be presented in a myriad of ways without losing any of its deliciousness. Cake lollipops are modelled after the classic children’s candy, the lollipop.

Prepare a cake and break it into pieces.

Make into circles, or use frosting to make any design you like.

Put sticks for lollipops within the balls.

Cake lollipops can be made by dipping them in melted chocolate, decorating them, and placing them in the fridge to set.

Serve chilled

7. Cakesicles:

Here we have yet another kid-friendly cake variation that is both imaginative and delicious. The popsicle sticks used to create cakesicles are baked and decorated to look like little cakes. Your child can get the best of both worlds with a cakesicles because they combine two of their favourite desserts.

In order to bake a cake, you need a batter that is both thick and sticky. Convert into popsicles

Add ice-cream sticks to the mix.

Decorate the cakesicles however you wish by dipping them in the icing liquid and freezing them.

Here are seven creative ideas for kid-friendly baked goods. If not, you can have a cake or other sweet treat delivered to your house from a gift or cake store using the convenience of online cake delivery in Pune.

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