How to make Cradboard Pillow Boxes Attractive for the customers

If you are looking for an attractive and unique gift for your friends or loved ones, then you should consider making Cradboard Pillow Boxes. These boxes can be personalized with your own text or photos, and they make a great gift for any special occasion. In this article, we will show you how to make pillow boxes packaging step-by-step, and we will also give you some tips on how to get the most out of your boxes when selling them.

What you need to make Cradboard Pillow Boxes

Making Cradboard Pillow Boxes is a great way to add a little bit of personality to your store. You will need the following supplies:

  • -Cradboard
  • -Paint or a sealant
  • -Spray adhesive
  • -Paintbrush
  • -Stickers or fabric glue
  • -Scissors
  • -Ruler or a straight edge
  • -Pins or dowels (depending on your project)
  • -Fabric or paper for templates

To make your Cradboard Pillow Boxes look more attractive, you can add some decorative touches. You could spray adhesive around the edges of the boards and then attach fabric stars or stripes. If you are using paint, you can also add delicate details with a paintbrush. Finally, if you want to make your boxes permanent, you can use stickers or fabric glue.

Materials you will need

To make your Cradboard Pillow Boxes more appealing to potential customers, you will need the following materials:

-Cradboard pillow boxes

-Fabric or vinyl fabric

-Stickers or decals

-Paint or a sealant

-Ruler or a measuring tape



1.Measure the height, width and depth of your Cradboard pillow box. This information will help you determine how many fabric or vinyl pieces you will need.

2.Decide on the style of fabric or vinyl that you would like to use. Some popular options are printed stripes, abstract designs or solid colors.

3.Cut out your desired fabric or vinyl pieces. Be sure to leave enough room around the edges of each piece so that you can sew them together later.

4.Stick your fabric or vinyl pieces onto the back of your Cradboard pillow box. Be sure to evenly distribute the stickers or decals throughout the box.

5.Allow the adhesive to dry completely before sealing the Cradboard pillow box with paint or a sealant.

6.Trim any excess fabric or vinyl from around the edges

Instructions on how to make Cradboard Pillow Boxes

If you want to make your Cradboard Pillow Boxes look more attractive to customers, you can do a few things. First, you can use a different color ribbon for the straps. Second, you can mix and match the fabrics to create a more interesting look. And finally, you can add some interesting details to the boxes, like appliques or sequins.

What are the Benefits of Using Cradboard Pillow Boxe

There are many benefits of using cradboard pillow boxes. First and foremost, they are attractive and can add a touch of class to any room. Additionally, they are very versatile and can be used to store a variety of items. Finally, they are affordable and easy to create, making them a great option for businesses or individuals looking to add a little extra flair to their home.

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Adding a little bit of creativity to your Cradboard Pillow Boxes can make them more attractive for customers and increase their likelihood of buying. Here are five easy tips that you can use to spruce up your pillow boxes:

  1. Use contrasting colors on the front and back of the box.
  2. Add graphics or pictures to the front or back of the box.
  3. Make sure the graphics or pictures are high-resolution so they look good on a large screen (such as a tablet).
  4. Use fonts with interesting shapes or styles, or choose ones that are nicely printed out so they look professional.
  5. Avoid using too many similar colors and patterns, as this will make the boxes look monotonous and less appealing to consumers.


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