How to Make Your PC Faster and Cleaner

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When your computer or laptop becomes old, you’ve likely noticed its basic functions get slow, there can be many reasons for this, so today we will tell you about all these reasons, how you can fix your computer or laptop without the Help of Expert.

There can be many reasons for the poor performance of laptops and computers.

  1. Windows not updating on time.
  2. Your computer/laptop is too old.
  3. Your computer or laptop has a virus.
  4. Shortage of RAM memory.
  5. Too Many Apps & Programs Running in the background.
  6. Your hard drive is full.
  7. Your browser is overloaded.

All the reasons mentioned above, that why your computer or laptop not working properly.

Then by fixing all these reasons, we can fix our laptop or PC.

  1. Update your window.

Updating Windows frequently may bother you but it is an important task for the good health of your computer or laptop. Whenever your computer alerts you for updates So without delay, do it immediately.

  1. Check out the virus.

Viruses are small software programs designed to harm or destroy your computer and its data.

If you have Windows 8 or Windows 10, then for the information let me tell you that you can use Windows Defender present in the system. Due to the fact that Windows Defender is usually available in laptop models that include Windows. Upgrade your RAM memory.

The recommended amount of RAM for casual computer use and browsing the Internet is 8GB; for spreadsheets and other office applications, the recommended amount is 16GB; and for gamers and multimedia creators, the recommended amount is 32GB.

  1. Uninstall unnecessary software and games.

There are many such software programs on our computers that we do not use and they slow down our computer or laptop.

If your computer also has such software games that you do not use, then without delay you should uninstall them immediately.

To keep the computer healthy, you have to keep your computer completely fresh so that the speed of your computer does not get slow.

  1. Clear your Recycle bin

When you delete a file, that file goes to the Recycle Bin and takes up space on your computer. So that it keeps on swallowing your computer’s storage unnecessarily.

So keep your Recycle Bin clean or you can delete that file permanently by pressing Shift + Delete button simultaneously while deleting the file.

  1. Clear your desktop

Keep only the necessary icons or files on the Desktop of your computer. Apart from this, do not keep more files there.

Because due to being saved in C Drive, they consume Ram, due to which they also slow down your computer.

  1. Keep the web browser light.

If you use Web Browser more in your computer, then it can also slow down your computer a little.

Therefore, as far as possible, use as few extensions or add-ons in the web browser and remove the extensions which are not of your use.

Because if they become too much, they slow down your web browser, due to which the web browser uses more memory and contributes to your computer a little slow.

Here we also have a list of Some PC faster software.

  1. CCleaner
  2. CAdvancedSystemCare
  3. Lolo System Mechanic
  4. AshampooWinOptimizer
  5. PCT
  6. TuneUp Utilities
  7. Glary Utilities
  8. Glary Utilities Pro
  9. Norton
  10. Norton Utilities

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