Virtual Reality in London

If you’re looking for places to try virtual reality in London, look no further. The newest addition to Autodesk’s VR world is Stingray. This technology aims to make it easier for designers to create immersive experiences that are as realistic as possible. It also allows designers to test their vps hosting UK before going into production, saving them months of work.

Meet Space VR

If you are in London and are looking for a place to enjoy VR games in the city, you should visit Meet Space VR. This urban VR video arcade is located just opposite. The venue boasts a 200-square-meter arena and allows visitors to play a wide variety of voip phone. They also offer a Zero Latency VR Escape Room. Tickets for this attraction must be booked in advance. Before purchasing tickets, visit their FAQ page for more information.

Meet Space VR is a VR experience that will blow your mind. The facility has been designed to allow groups of people to enjoy a full immersive experience. You can play multiplayer games as well as head-to-head games.

Omescape’s Escape

Omescape’s Escape VR is a virtual reality experience that places you in the life of a real escape room. This virtual reality adventure is available at two locations in London. At the King’s Cross hub, you can choose between three VR escape rooms: the biohazard lab, the Joker’s asylum, or the Kingdom of Cats. Taking the Kingdom of Cats VR escape room, you’ll be dropped into a dark fantasy world ruled by supersized cats. Humans who fail to escape will be punished with death by a thousand scratchings.

The rooms at Omescape London are designed to be interactive and engaging. With an array of puzzles, props, and automation, these virtual escape rooms are unlike anything else. Players must work together to solve puzzles and beat the clock in order to escape the room. The rooms feature professionally designed puzzles and movie-like sets and props. The Omescape network has more than 30 locations around the world including Asia, America, and Australia. This franchise has made its way to the UK with its most popular rooms.

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Smoky Barrels

If you’re looking for a fun night out, Smoky Barrels is the place to go. This Scottish-themed bar lets you go on a virtual hunting trip through the Scottish Highlands. In this experience, guests wear hunting gear and work as teams to kill virtual animals with imitation rifles. The experience is suitable for both adults and children and is a great place for a first date or birthday celebration.

The bar uses cutting-edge Swedish technology to transform the sport of hunting into a virtual reality experience. Guests enter three virtual hunting huts and take part in virtual hunts using replica shotguns and hunting systems. They can even try out Scottish delicacies and sip on Scottish craft beer while they’re at it.


A new virtual reality experience called TimeLooper is bringing history to life in London. The company’s technology allows you to take a journey back to 1666 when the Great Fire of London destroyed more than 13,000 homes in the city. TimeLooper uses motion detection to allow you to step into a virtual time machine. It also uses green screens and visual effects to make your experience come to life.

TimeLooper works as a one-stop shop for visitors who want to explore the city’s history through virtual reality. It has raised $2 million from Rothenberg Ventures and produces all of its content in-house. The virtual experience allows you to immerse yourself in historical sites, or relive important moments in history.

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OTHERWORLD is a free-roaming digital island paradise with 16 virtual reality experiences. From stepping inside your own private Immersion Pod to seeing your friends in the virtual world, this immersive experience has something for everyone. As you explore, you can also earn Dreamcoin, a digital currency you can use to get discounts on drinks in the bar.

The bar is located under a railway and has a white hall that houses the “immersion rooms.” The staff is dressed in pseudo-futurist costumes, and guests can hear shouts of commands and laughter from other users in the immersion rooms. Guests may also hear the soft hum of fans in the background.


Virtual reality is a free-roaming arcade and bar that allows users to enjoy virtual reality games together. While playing, players can discuss their scores with friends in the bar. This VR experience is the first of its kind in the UK. It features black walls and neon blue lighting, giving it a sci-fi feel. The virtual reality experience comes closest to being inside of a Star Trek holodeck.

VR experience focusing on futuristic games. They offer group sessions for five or more players, corporate packages (20+), and private parties. The company also offers complimentary demo stations to visitors.

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