Everything You Need To Know About Tiger Eye Gemstone!

Today wearing fashionable Gemstone Jewelry puts you in a very good position and takes good care of your look. But sometimes it’s not just about the looks provided by a Gemstone Jewelry, sometimes it is also about the impact it can have over your life. People these days want to take advantage of everything possible. They want their Fashion accessories to take care of their luck and fate as well and Gemstone Jewelry turns out to be the perfect option in these cases. Effective Gemstone Jewelry is good for your luck, health, and prosperity as well. That’s why Gemstone Jewelry has made a very special place in society and is becoming everyone’s first choice today. So today we are going to discuss one such amazing kind of Gemstone Jewelry which can change the whole game completely for you i.e. Tiger Eye Gemstone. So let’s begin and know everything about this beautiful Gemstone Jewelry. Having good information about Gemstone Jewelry has its benefits as it allows you as a customer to get the most out of the Gemstone Jewelry and also know about its value and power.

What is Tiger Eye Gemstone?

Tiger Eye Gemstone is a powerful Gemstone with a huge range of colors ranging from Brown to Yellow and many other colors. Chemically this color is due to the presence of Iron Oxides in it as a substituent. Tiger Eye Gemstone is a type of Quartz only which is generally found in its metamorphic state. Also, there’s a high amount of silica present in it which gives it a very amazing look as Gemstone Jewelry. It is famous by the name Tiger Eye Gemstone because it resembles the look of the eye of a Tiger. Also, it has a very powerful and strong look which also justifies its name completely.

Talking about the history of the Tiger Eye Gemstone has been used since the Ancient Roman and Egyptian eras. It was popular as both a Fashion Jewelry as well as was worshipped by the common people. It was believed to have protective properties and was often worn as a shield against any kind of harmful energy.

Unique Quality of Tiger Eye Stone

There’s another very special and unique property shown by the Tiger Eye Gemstone which isn’t shown by other Gemstone Jewelry like Turquoise Jewelry, Tanzanite Jewelry etc. These Gemstones show the property of chatoyancy which is one of the most distinctive features of Tiger Eye. Chatoyancy is the phenomenon caused by the internal reflection of light within the gemstone. This causes the stripes to shimmer and appears to move as the stone is turned. This quality makes the shining texture of Tiger Eye Gemstone even more majestic and beautiful.  That’s why people are preferring to wear Tiger Eye Gemstones so much these days.

High Durability of Tiger Eye Gemstone

Also, one problem with certain Gemstone Jewelry is that they are highly elegant and soft.  This inhibits their use in daily life and also then they need a high amount of maintenance and care. Tiger Eye Stone on the other hand has good Durability associated with it.  It has got a reading of 7 on Mohr’s Scale which makes it quite Durable and Long-lasting as a Gemstone Jewelry. Tiger Eye Jewelry like Tiger Eye Rings and Tiger Eye Bracelets are very strong to face the daily heat and usage. That’s why Tiger Eye Ring has made itself among the top-selling Gemstone Jewelry in the Men’s Section.

Tiger Eye Gemstone and Zodiac Sign

Tiger Eye is also a very powerful and life-changing Gemstone Jewelry that can turn the life of a person completely. It is the Birthstone Jewelry for the zodiac sign of Capricorn. It is known to bring emotional balance, stability of mind, practicality, and wisdom into one’s life. It helps them to balance their professional as well as personal lives in a very positive manner. It helps them to decide the correct priorities of things in life. So it is a very impactful Birthstone Jewelry as well and one should not neglect its power and significance. Tiger Eye is also believed to be beneficial for people born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Tiger Eye Gemstone and Chakra:

Tiger Eye Gemstone is also a very important Chakra Jewelry and is effective for the Sacral Plexus Chakra of your body. Sacral Plexus Chakra is placed at the top of the human body and is the final stage of self-awakening. It is obtained only when a person reaches a high level of intellect and spirituality. As a Chakra Jewelry, it has got huge demand in the market. Also, it enhances your personality and character as a person. It brings more composure, determination, and discipline into one’s life. This helps a person to achieve their goals in life easily.

Tiger Eye Jewelry Collections:

Tiger Eye Gemstone has got a very unique look and color which makes it perfect for both men and women. In the Men’s section, Tiger Eye Ring and Tiger Eye Bracelets are dominant a lot. Where women prefer to wear Tiger Eye Pendants and Tiger Eye Earrings to make themselves look more Mesmerizing and astonishing. Tiger eye Gemstone enhances your personality and character a lot. Whereas for auspicious occasions like weddings, engagements, etc Tiger Eye Necklaces are one of the best choices to go for.

So these were some of the most stunning and stylish pieces of Tiger Eye Gemstone Jewelry. So if you are looking for a perfect Gemstone Jewelry which can take care of your looks as well as your luck then do visit one of the best Gemstone Jewelry Suppliers in the market i.e. Rananjay Exports. They will take care of all your needs and will show you the latest trending pieces of Gemstone Jewelry.

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