Astrophyllite Jewelry Vs. Azurite Jewelry- What Will You Pick?

Astrophyllite Jewelry Vs Azurite Jewelry

Astrophyllite is a beautiful crystal that helps you to love and appreciate yourself. It is an energy-centered stone that shines the light on your mind and soul. This stone is also called the “stone of marriage” because it develops trust, loyalty, truth, and sincerity between the partners in a relationship. While Azurite balances emotions and develops inner strength, it helps remove physical and mental blockages so you can flourish physically and mentally both. The stone has the power to heal the cells to ensure the smooth flow of oxygen through the body and brain.

How are Astrophyllite & Azurite Different in Terms of Their Physical Properties?

Astrophyllite is a stone available in various shades from gold yellow to coppery bronze, sometimes found in rarely greenish and sometimes may experience blue flashes inside the rock. It is concentrated star-shaped and was first found in Norway in 1854. Azurite is usually found in bright blue and greenish blue because it is a natural carbonate of copper, and the color also depends on the purity of the mineral and the particle size. Cut both astrophyllite stones easily because their hardness is 3-4, and Azurite has 3.5-4 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Astrophyllite is Birthstone Jewelry for cancer, and Capricorn & Azurite are for Taurus and Saggitarius.

Astrophyllite is a birthstone jewelry of cancer, Capricorn, and Scorpio. It helps to activate and align every chakra in the body; it helps you to live your life with full potential. This stone has traditionally been used to support detoxification on a physical and mental level. While Azurite is a birthstone jewelry of Taurus, Capricorn & Sagittarius, it is believed to expand one’s consciousness and unlocks new levels of awareness for the person who feels stuck or lacks direction; it offers them motivation and new ways of thinking.

What are the Healing Properties If We Wear These Stones?

The stunning Azurite stone has healing properties; it helps in treating disorders like dementia and, helps in overcoming headaches and migraine, and helps to detoxify your body, mind & soul. It also helps in glowing your skin, aligns your spine, and activates your mind & body, which helps you to focus more on important matters of life; we can wear this astonishing stone in any form of Azurite jewelry may it be an azurite ring, azurite pendant, azurite earrings, azurite necklace, azurite bracelet, all the jewelry pieces will enhance your beauty and class. In contrast, Astrophyllite is a stone that helps you to counter the toughest situations in your life. 

Wearing astrophyllite jewelry will bring sunshine to your life because this stone is also famous as a stone of energy & light. By using astrophyllite stone, the wholesale gemstone jewelry suppliers manufacture astonishing designs of astrophyllite rings, astrophyllite pendants, astrophyllite earrings, astrophyllite necklaces, astrophyllite bracelets, and many more beautiful jewelry pieces.

How Alluring These Both the Crystals Are

Astrophyllite is a mineral that is very attractive in its raw state; it looks simply astonishing when it refracts light and glittering with flash; it creates a classy ornamental contrast in the soil where they are discovered. It is popularly used in the production of a wide variety of sterling silver jewelry because it is very famous as a decorative stone. While Azurite is a crystal that is rare to find, it is generally known for its distinctive dark blue color and is sometimes available in green, violet, and sky blue also. It is usually opaque but also present in transparent & translucent in clarity and has an appealing luster that is used in making a variety of sterling silver jewelry. 

These stones are also used in making chakra jewelry because both stones go well with other crystals too, which helps to extract the positive energies from the stone. It also helps in releasing harmful energy blockages and brings out positivity in your life. Wearing chakra jewelry on a regular basis helps to stay calm, focused & determined towards your work. Handmade jewelry is also very famous for these stones because of their lower hardness. It was easy for the artisans to craft them beautifully with their hands and give them a classy look without using the machinery.

Is Astrophyllite Rarer than Azurite?

Astrophyllite is a gemstone that is rare but affordable in price. You can avail of this gemstone jewelry at low prices also, but Azurite is a gemstone which is a very rare semi-precious gemstone because of its deep blue, royal color; it was a little expensive to buy. But if you are looking for the beautiful sterling silver jewelry of both these gemstones, you are on the correct page. We have Rananjay Exports to get you unique and attractive designs. A wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturing company deals with more than 250+ gemstones and sterling silver jewelry. Visit our website right away if you want to learn more about our elegant jewelry designs.

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