How To Produce Wholesale Good-Quality T-Shirts?

The quality of t-shirts is very important to your business. When manufacturing high-quality shirts your priority should be to make them of high quality. So, you can ensure that when people buy them. And analyze is they are happy with the product that you are giving them, and if you want to ensure this. Then there are some things that you need to do in order for this to happen:

Ensuring the Quality of T-Shirts

We all want to ensure high-quality t-shirts, so we are going to discuss some methods. Which ensures that you get the high-quality wholesale t-shirts that should be used for printing.

You should be aware of the fact that one of the most important things when it comes to printing t-shirts. That is the quality of the fabric. It’s very important to know that if you don’t have good quality fabric. Then your designs will not look very good on them. Therefore, if you want to ensure high-quality t-shirts, then we are going to discuss some methods. In order to get your design printed on them and make sure that they look great!

  • Check the material before using it: The first step would be to check whether or not this material has been treated properly or not. You should do this because sometimes people think they can just buy any kind without having any idea about what kind goes well together with other materials available right now-so this could lead them to make something which doesn’t work out well at all because those two different types didn’t match up correctly (for example, cotton vs. polyester).

Checking The Fabric

You can also check the fabric content and weight, as well as the print.

The main things to look for are:

  • The quantity of threads per inch (or cm) is a measure of how tightly woven the material is, and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A higher number means it is more durable and less likely to tear or fray when you wash it—but also more expensive.
  • The thickness of your t-shirt’s fabric depends on what kind of shirt you buy (for example, cotton vs. polyester), but generally speaking, thicker fabrics tend to be better quality than thinner ones because they hold up better through repeated use without cracking or fading over time.

Fabric Material

The fabric used by wholesalers is crucial to their quality. Make sure that you use cotton, as it’s the most common type of material used in making T-shirts. Cotton needs to be of a certain thickness and smoothness in order for it to produce a high-quality product. Too thin or rough, however, can lead to poor-quality products.

Fabric Weight

The weight of the fabric is one of the most important factors in determining how a garment will feel, drape, and feel.

The heavier the t-shirt, the more durable it will be. A heavy fabric means that you will have less chance of getting any wrinkles or ripples. When wearing your t-shirt on a hot day at summer festivals. It also makes your shirt look better because its weight gives it more presence on your body and makes you feel cooler!

Fashion shirts are usually made from 100% cotton. Because this type of material has excellent air-flow qualities that keep them cool during hot days (and nights). However, if you want to make something with higher durability, then consider using a blend of 50/50 polyester/cotton or even higher percentages like 65/35%.

Analyzing The Print

  • Check that the print is not too small.
  • Check that the print is not too big.
  • Check that the print is not too dark or light.

You should also check if your design looks blurry, fuzzy, or unclear when viewed up close. This can happen if there’s too much detail on a shirt. And it makes it difficult to see clearly while wearing it!

Do Research

The first step to producing your own wholesale t-shirts in Atlanta is knowing what you want to produce. And how much it’s going to cost. You need to find out what your audience wants, what other companies are doing in the same industry, and how the trends in that industry are changing over time. You also need to look at recent innovations in technology and design so you can make sure your product is up-to-date with current trends.

Tips And Tricks

With these tips, you can start ensuring you get the best quality t-shirts for your business!

  • Check the fabric content. What is in the fabric? Is it 100% cotton or something else? If it’s not 100% cotton, does this mean there will be more shrinkage?
  • Check the fabric weight. How heavy should a t-shirt feel when worn by an adult male (or female)? If you want to make sure that everyone who wears your shirts feels good about themselves and their purchase, then make sure they feel comfortable wearing them!
  • Check print design and placement on shirts before purchasing them so that they fit well with what you’re trying to accomplish with each one of these items being sold. * Do some research on printing methods like screen printing, which has better quality than just printing on paper and costs less per item than other methods, like offset lithography, which uses acids like sulfuric acid instead of water-based solutions used in production processes like dying clothes, shoes, etc.


The best way to ensure you have the right fabric, color, and weight is to check out the supplier. You can do this by seeing if they have any reviews or other information about their products. Another great thing about this method is that it allows your customers to see what they will get when they make an order with you, which ensures that there won’t be any surprises later on down the line!

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